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The M.O.T Scheme

The MOT scheme is there to ensure consistent standards. The scheme is monitored by Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and includes:
  • supervising approximately 18,300 garages authorised to carry out MOTs
  • documenting all test methods and standards
  • documenting standards of facilities, equipment, repute, experience, competence, qualifications and administration of those carrying out MOT testing
  • providing training of authorised examiners (AE) & nominated testers (NT) 
  • providing training in test methods and administration, to those involved in the MOT testing scheme (whose standards are agreed with the Department for Transport)
  • ensuring standards for testing and conditions of appointment for AEs and NTs are set
  • authorising MOT test stations and NTs
  • checking testing standards are maintained
  • taking disciplinary action against AEs and NTs who fail to meet the required MOT testing standards
  • dealing with appeals and other complaints from MOT customers.
These functions are undertaken by VOSA on behalf of the Secretary of State.
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