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Timing Belt / Cambelt Replacement                                                       Tel: 01895 813900

Timing belt also known as cam belt replacement are an essential part of the longtivity of your vehicles running life. The timing belt replacement for different manufacturers vary according to milegae & age, and should be replaced at the recommended intervals. The process of replacement should be carried out by a trained and qualified mechanic to ensure it is fitted correctly.

What is a cambelt?
Timing belt is a toothed belt that connects the engine crankshaft to the camshaft or camshafts. The timing belt is needed to synchronize the camshaft to the crankshaft position, so the valves will open and close at the proper time in the relation to the position of the pistons.

Why is it important to replace it?
The timing belt serves a very important part when it comes to making your engine run. Namely, the timing belt is the belt that controls the camshafts in your engine and keeps the entire operation running smoothly. Due to the belt being made of rubber, it ages and with constant use is under stress.

Typical causes of timing belt failure vary from old age to contamination by an adjacent oil or water leak. Bad fitting, such as either under- or over-tightening a new belt, can cause it to fail prematurely, as can failure of neighbouring components. Timing belts do not tend to snap – it is more common for the belt’s teeth to experience stress cracks at their roots, prior to becoming detached. In some cases, idlers and tensioners can seize, throwing the timing belt from its pulleys and causing extensive damage to the engine, with bent valves and even holed pistons resulting. All of which will lead to expensive repair bills.

Many engines also utilise the timing belt to drive the water pump, which can also seize with the same consequences as failed tensioners, so you should not think that your garage is profiteering by suggesting that the water pump needs to be replaced as well. We also quick the strength of antifreeze and condition of fan belts (alternator / power steering belt etc ) as in many instances these will need to be removed to get to the timing belt.

We have the equipment and experience to carry out timing belt and timing belt kit replacements on most makes and models. All work is covered by the usual 12 month, 12000 mile no quibble guarantee. We use OEM quality parts on all vehicles worked on.

To check you recommended replacement interval is, give us a call today and we are more than happy to help.


Other Services


We provide all types of service from simple lubrication through to longlife . We have a strict 'no need to replace' policy, where if your parts are in good condition we will not replace them. With the use of quality filters & lubricants, we can carry out time or mileage interval servicing on most makes and models including light vans, or according to your requirements. Services carried out as per manufacturers specificiations.

Being VAT registered we can also service your vehicle through your new vehicles warranty period and without the expensive main dealer cost. With the use of up-to-date diagnostic equipment we can reset your service light ( some exclusions apply ) as well as stamp your service book.


As for general repairs, we will give you an estimate before work begins and wait for your go ahead unless otherwise stated by yourself. If there seems to be other work required while carrying out the service, we'll contact you again for confirmation to do the work. Estimates are a guide & not neccessary the final figure.

Head Gaskets - Timing Chains - Suspension - Exhaust Fitting - Brakes - Clutches - Timing Belts - Dual Mass Flywheels - Tyres

        Engine/Emission light on? Airbag or ABS/Traction light on?

Maybe we can help. We have a range of diagnostic equipment capable of  communicating with a wide range of makes and models with a very competitive price. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

DPF Cleaning, Replacement and Regeneration
Diesel Particulate light on? Lost power? If this sounds familiar then let us help. Contact us for more information
VAG Cruise Control fitting
We can fit cruise control on compatible Audi / Volkswagen / Seat vehicles. Compatible vehicles will have a electronic controlled throttle i.e. no throttle cable. Newer models include the latest Audi A3 & A4 ( '01plate and newer ). Contact us for prices for your vehicle.
Has your car have any unusual symptoms? Contact us and we may be able to help. For a list of some others click here > >
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