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Car Symptoms

- I have a Audi 1.8T engine. The Oil light is constantly on but there's oil in it. Also it struggles to start sometimes.

- My car is hesitant and the turbo isn't kicking in.

- I have just purchased new keys and the key fobs aren't working.

- My Audi TT dash doesn't show the correct temperature / fuel reading.

- Why doesn't my air con work?

- Why aren't my brake lights working or staying on?

- Why does my car run hot?

- My Electric window has stopped working.

- My DPF light is on the dash and my glow plug light is flashing

- My Honda CRV make a noise from the back of the car

- My Ford Focus Speedo doesn't work and sometime the car cuts out ( mainly earlier petrol models )

- My BMW 3 series has a oil leak and / or cuts out when I'm braking

- My Grand Voyager electric sides doors have stopped working

- My corsa 1.2 / 1.4 has a rattle on the engine

- My petrol BMW doesn't cranks but doesn't start

- My diesel vehicle shakes when on idle

- My 1.2 VW Polo has a intermittent misfire. If I switch off and switch on again it goes away

- My Renault Megane / Peugeot 307 interior fans don't work or only work on one speed

- My diesel VW has a knocking / popping sound from the engine

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